In my last article I touched a topic of a common failure connected with landscape photography. You can check it out on a following link. The occasions everything just clicks from place, clouds, temperature, sun position and so on are rare, therefore should be more appreciated than we might think. On the other hand, the nature gives us with a way to work on our craft, improve skills we posses, imagination, dedication, planning process and the list goes on.

Last Wednesday I made a decision to go out for a sunrise shoot. Weather conditions were promising with minimal clouds to show up and temperatures around zero can help building up fog around the river site. City lights could be cutting through the atmosphere to create something extraordinary. Results after my arrival were absolutely different than expected. Minimal clouds = no clouds. Temperatures around zero = -6°C. A chance of getting a fog = wining a lottery. Because I didn`t wanted to get back without any image after an alarm sound in 5.20 AM, a try to make it work was my best choice.

After few unsatisfying compositions with a try to fit in a tree to fill the blank sky, I settled nearly in the river itself. Pointed the more towards the city and after few shots decided to change my angle a little bit. By moving even closer to the river, being able to see both ends and a line of tiles from one corner across I created the best possible composition for me at the time. From now it was just about time and patience.

The bad thing about winter is it takes a lot of time until the sun goes up and can illuminate the scene. After an hour or waiting, praying and freezing I couldn`t get a decent photo with an exception of this one. By selectively adjusting colors in the skies and black levels, I managed to end with the following photo. Hope I`ll be more lucky next time.