Modern Architecture

The city of Prague isn`t just about old, historical, architecture but contains also a ton of buildings with a modern twist. Like two months ago I got a 10stop ND

A Scary Portrait Session

As a photographer you have to be ready for practically everything. Be it the Sun, rain, snow (any weather conditions), something happens to your gear etc. But if there is

My dream job …

Dreams … each of us have them, and would like to live them. Some can be realistic, the rest just a result of your imagination (no, you really can’t become

The Hidden Waterfall

Bohemian Switzerland is one of those beautiful places on Earth with a ton of perfect locations and things you can shoot. Spending at least few days there is a must

Matching Colors Using Curves

Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where one part of the scene works, but the other one doesn’t meet your expectations, needs or just sucks. Exactly this happened

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)

And here it goes again. After some time another short video of a Japanesse photographer with a “ton of gear” flew around the Internet. Possibility of him having Gear Acquisition

First Time using Beauty Dish Light

There are several ways you can go with portraits light vise. Well, to be honest, hard or soft light can be used and for me soft light is the way