The Apple Rant 2016 Edition

It`s been a while now since Apple released their iPhone 7 followed by the newest line-up of MacBook and MacBook Pro. All of the products received a big chunk of

The Ghost Church

Our community of photographers based in Prague organized a small trip to an old abandoned church where an unique exhibition takes place. Jakub Hadraba, a student from an university, built

Let your Photos Light Up!

In my last article I focused on stability and sharpness in photos. And now we gonna put it into a use. Landscapes and cityscapes especially benefit from some sparks that

Stability and Sharpness

Sharpness is essential for all static scenes I can think of be it a wide landscape, architecture, detail shots including macro etc. This kind of photos have to be sharp

Modern Architecture

The city of Prague isn`t just about old, historical, architecture but contains also a ton of buildings with a modern twist. Like two months ago I got a 10stop ND

A Scary Portrait Session

As a photographer you have to be ready for practically everything. Be it the Sun, rain, snow (any weather conditions), something happens to your gear etc. But if there is

My dream job …

Dreams … each of us have them, and would like to live them. Some can be realistic, the rest just a result of your imagination (no, you really can’t become