Jednodenní výlet do Českého ráje

Kdybych měl celý výlet popsat dvěma slovy, zvolil bych parádní relax! Už jsem ho potřeboval, a ještě dýl přemýšlel, kam vůbec jet. Možnost ze začátku byla jasná – České Švýcarsko.

Feel, attitude and other changes that are happening

I don’t really know how to start the post off. So expect even worse wording, grammar and structure than in previous posts. Think just starting writing might be a right

Stop focusing on the Gear!

People seem to keep pursuing a newer, more advanced technology instead of fully utilizing and experiencing the one they already own. Photographers are one of many examples, especially the ones

IRIX 15mm f/2.4 – Lens Review

Camera market seemed quite saturated from lens manufacturers point of view. Needs of nearly every single photographer could be fulfilled with less or more expensive options. To make deciding even

An Unexpected Success

In my last article I touched a topic of a common failure connected with landscape photography. You can check it out on a following link. The occasions everything just clicks

A Possible Failture in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the oldest types and one of more difficult ones. If you`re shooting products, studio portraits etc., most of your work is in fully controlled environment.

The Apple Rant 2016 Edition

It`s been a while now since Apple released their iPhone 7 followed by the newest line-up of MacBook and MacBook Pro. All of the products received a big chunk of