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Stop focusing on the Gear!

People seem to keep pursuing a newer, more advanced technology instead of fully utilizing and experiencing the one they already own. Photographers are one of many examples, especially the ones

The Ghost Church

Our community of photographers based in Prague organized a small trip to an old abandoned church where an unique exhibition takes place. Jakub Hadraba, a student from an university, built

Let your Photos Light Up!

In my last article I focused on stability and sharpness in photos. And now we gonna put it into a use. Landscapes and cityscapes especially benefit from some sparks that

My dream job …

Dreams … each of us have them, and would like to live them. Some can be realistic, the rest just a result of your imagination (no, you really can’t become

Matching Colors Using Curves

Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where one part of the scene works, but the other one doesn’t meet your expectations, needs or just sucks. Exactly this happened

Back to Shooting People – Post Processing

It`s been a long time during spring and summer that my camera was just laying in a corner of my flat. After my trip to Italian Dolomites I needed to shoot

Trip to Dolomites

Since the beginning of September I was finally enjoying a well deserved vacation for whole 14 days. First several days I stayed with my family, but afterwards me and two