I don’t really know how to start the post off. So expect even worse wording, grammar and structure than in previous posts. Think just starting writing might be a right way to go.


A long time ago I decided to bring the blog back to live with continuous feed off posts, news and images. I admit I have a “short delay” of about 1,5 years, because the decision was made in 2016. My laziness kept me from doing a ton of work before. The blog got to a state, where it’s hard to get back on track and most of informations I`d like to share is already out on mass websites like The Phoblographer or PetaPixel.


Therefore I decided to change the blog from kinda photo gear geek orientation, post-processing tips etc. to storytelling feel. The main idea is to get it to a diary like mode. So focus on a story and use photos as companions.


Second big change is language. My first blog was hosted for free directly by WordPress (My old blog). My vision was to finish university and move to USA or Canada to work for Canon or some other photography oriented brand. I wanted to use the web as a staring point and focus on abroad customers. Plans changed since and I don`t see any moving abroad soon to live and work there or start a business. My main audience should be people living in Czech Republic, so I will use Czech language only.


It was a tough decision to make, but I believe it was a good one. I will try to get published on foreign and mass photo oriented websites with articles and tips in English, and link to all articles. Certainly a portion of today`s visitors will become irrelevant for planned posts in near future. Nevertheless some extra website traffic can be generated due to the switch and all changes happening.


So these are the changes and shifts happening to my website and posture. Thank you for attention and enjoy the weekend!