City lights make a huge difference.

In my last article I focused on stability and sharpness in photos. And now we gonna put it into a use. Landscapes and cityscapes especially benefit from some sparks that makes the final image special and different from other competition out there in the fields. Let me sketch a scenario for better understanding how it all fits together.

You’re out there, in a gorgeous city with a perfect vista right in front of you. Sunset is about to happen in about 15 minutes, sky is getting better and better. Not just clouds but also colors and it just starts to fall in to place. Than you take a bracket of shots to cover the entire dynamic range to merge it all together in post-production afterwards. But something is missing. The city looks like dead. The reason for it is all citylights turn on later than sunset happens. To get them in the final photo, you have to merge not just several images across dynamic range but also across time. It’s extremely important for your camera to stay locked in place for the whole time without any movement. I shared my entire workflow in the video bellow.