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An Unexpected Success

In my last article I touched a topic of a common failure connected with landscape photography. You can check it out on a following link. The occasions everything just clicks

Modern Architecture

The city of Prague isn`t just about old, historical, architecture but contains also a ton of buildings with a modern twist. Like two months ago I got a 10stop ND

The Hidden Waterfall

Bohemian Switzerland is one of those beautiful places on Earth with a ton of perfect locations and things you can shoot. Spending at least few days there is a must

How to Fake a Long Exposure

Like two weeks ago or about that time I went out for a sunset shoot with one of my friends. Got some amazing colors and images and had a great

Freezing in the Stream

Shooting isn’t always a walk through a park. It involves a lot of things that goes hand-in-hand with it. Just take this as an example. I’ve been on a trip

Vista of Prague

Prague is awesome city and one of the pretties in the entire world. Each and every visitor has a photo of vista of Prague. Most of the time with Charles