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An Unexpected Success

In my last article I touched a topic of a common failure connected with landscape photography. You can check it out on a following link. The occasions everything just clicks

A Possible Failture in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the oldest types and one of more difficult ones. If you`re shooting products, studio portraits etc., most of your work is in fully controlled environment.

Sunrise at Letna

Few weeks ago I went out to shoot the sunrise above Prague from one of very popular places – Letna and Hanavsky Pavilon. You have a nice overview on the entire

Abandoned Swimming Pool

This weekend was full of relaxation for me. And I needed it a lot, to be honest. Finally had some time off work, so went swimming, into gym, walk but

Sea of Fog

Hey everybody, hope you’re all doing great. A photo I’m sharing with you today is taken in Bohemian Switzerland during my vacation. Don’t get mistified, it really is a location

Finally a Vacation!

It finally happened. I didn’t have a vacation in last 8 years when I was switching from school to work back and forward. So I decided this short free time

The Dancing House

This was right after a long day at work. And when I say long day, I really mean it. Everything started around 11 AM when we had a small meeting,